Democracy – Does it work?

I do believe everyone should be born to have an equal say in this world. And I guess, that is what democracy gives. But I don’t think democracy alone will result in a fair society. Minorities can be abused. To have a fair society, you also require respect for one and another. Bad human traits, like  intolerance and greed need to be some how suppressed and good traits encouraged. The western world is trying to impose democracy on to countries only use to dictatorship. Unfortunately, democracy alone is not enough and they will fail, if that is all they have.


What is the point of music?

Don’t get me wrong – I love many types of music and some I find sublime. But at first, I found it odd that it exists! It is difficult, at first, to see how our evolution has required it in any way. But all our cultures have it, and I believe it must have evolved before speech. It is to be found in the animal kingdom, bird song is a case in point. I think it is a type of communication, and is used in many ways to communicate emotion.

It’s the fact that it can communicate emotion and feelings so well, that intrigues me. Some composers have produced works that transcend normal life and take you, in what I can only describe, as another plane. But how is this possible? It must be very deeply rooted in our early evolution.


Religions – Do we need them?

For more than 4 billion years there were no religions on our planet, that was because there were no Humans. Over time, Humans (and closely related species) gradually evolved and became the first enquiring animals to require answers to their problems. Humans are also social creatures and increasingly required social rules that became more and more sophisticated. And so were born religions. Many types of religions evolved each answering, in their own way, questions on all aspects of life.

Most people who profess to be religious, adopt their parents or communities teachings and follow that religion. This is not unreasonable, and as a child this is how you learn about the world. But I think there is a point in life, where you should start to question everything – and probably continue to do so! There are many religions on this planet, with many different ideas. What’s the chances you have been taught the ‘right’ one? Is there a ‘right’ one? Are all the other religions wrong?

A religion prescribes the way you should live. It includes morals and how you should interact with the rest of society. Without a religion, beliefs, which include morals, are still required in a modern society and these are enshrined by the use of laws which society then enforces by various methods. I would argue that a society no longer should be based on a religion, but still your beliefs, to a large degree, need to be the same as your society. I think a goal for all societies should be to become secular, as a secular society should care for its minorities as well as the majority.

But religions also have the belief in one or more Gods or a High Power. They answer more difficult questions of the creation of the Universe and what happens when you die. Certainly, I believe, the existence of a higher power is an impossible one to prove or disprove. I also believe that our brains naturally want to be secure in the knowledge of an ‘Afterlife’ and not having one is a hard thing to accept. Trying to be rational, the likelihood of the existence of a higher power that knows about us is unlikely.

On the whole I believe the Human race would be better off without religions. There is often little wrong with the religions themselves. But they can be used by their members to cause division within society and can have the arrogance to believe only they are right.

Confused Religion Baby